Animal Healy Frequency Treatment in Tampa, FL

Chakra Analysis $250

an analysis of your chakras through your vibration which indicates which chakras you are out of alignment within.

Abundance & Prosperity $375

This frequency is a treatment that is offered for people who want to have abundance in all aspects of their life. Enhances financial goals, relationships and jobs. It gives clarity to whatever you want to achieve.

Manifestation $335

The frequency of manifestation is when we want something and we focus on it. You use the higher faculties of your will, imagination and your perception to achieve these goals.

Sexual Awakening Energy $333

Desire is the key to the use of this frequency. When we desire something it comes from the sacral chakra where the sexual energy of stored for creation. This helps to build the frequency into a stronger mode so that you can achieve what you desire. Great for people in business, entrepreneurs, and creativity. This is not talking about the physical form of sexual energy this energy is transmuted into something you want and desire.


These are the programs that we will be offering for healing along with hypnotic therapy. These treatments can be done individually or combined in a package with three crystals of your choice.

Healy Frequency Treatment Packages
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Frequency programs - $150

The frequency programs each have different programs within the main category.

  • Gold Cycle - The gold cycle is based on three programs of Balance Being and Pure.
  • Pure - Recovery from bioenergetic effects of environmental pollutants, toxins and unhealthy diet and other negative factors.
  • Care - care is preventative for a multitude of bioenergetic disorders.
  • Balance - balance refers to the bioenergetics balance of the kidneys, circulation, lymphatic system and hormones.
  • Being - Being is for our soul and helps with emotional balance
  • Energy - Helps bio energetically deal with health problems.
  • Relax - reduces and relaxes the body and gives an anti-stress effect.
  • Release - there are different causes of pain, disease, illness, injury environmental toxins and even emotional traumas. Many times these pains become chronic and become a repeated pain cycle. This program works in the bioenergetics field no matter where the pain is in the body it will release the pain at its source.
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